Color Contrast Checker & Ratio Calculator

Color Contrast Checker & Ratio Calculator

The tool evaluates the contrast ratio between text and background colors to ensure accessibility. It allows you to experiment with various color combinations for your website design that adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and related international regulations, such as the EU Web Accessibility Directive, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA).

Why Utilize a Color Contrast Analyzer?

Contrast is a prevalent web accessibility concern, yet it is relatively simple to address. The U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) states that 4.5% of the American population experiences some form of color insensitivity, which hinders their ability to discern or perceive color differences. Individuals with color insensitivity or low vision often struggle to read text that lacks contrast against its background. By ensuring a minimum luminance contrast ratio between text and its background, readability improves for users with limited color perception, as well as for those rare individuals who cannot perceive any color.

Monsido's web color contrast analyzer enables you to swiftly evaluate color pairings, guaranteeing that all your branded content assets and design elements are accessible to everyone. The tool can also be employed to assess color contrast compliance with other regulations, such as functioning as an ADA contrast analyzer.

Web Accessibility and Color Contrast

Effective color contrast entails maintaining adequate contrast between text and background, making the text easily discernible. The updated WCAG 2.1 guidelines aim to accommodate individuals with color deficiencies, such as moderate low vision, by stipulating sufficient contrast between foreground text and background colors.

To meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA success criteria, a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for standard text and a minimum of 3:1 for large-scale text and images of large-scale text are required. Additionally, a 3:1 contrast ratio is necessary for user interface components and graphical objects, including form fields and other interactive elements. The more stringent Level AAA success criteria mandates a contrast ratio of at least 7:1 for image text and visual presentation, and 4.5:1 for large text and images of large-scale text.

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